Тест з англійської мови

Пройдіть тестування на знання англійської мови для учнів 11 класу, який складає 12 питань, де в кожному лише один варіант відповіді.
11 клас
12 питань
1 варіант відповіді
Тест допоможе виявити всі прогалини, а на пробному занятті репетитор розбере помилки
Заповніть форму, щоб дізнатися результат тестування
1. That’s the café _______ we are supposed to meet Nora.
2. The theory of relativity ___ by Albert Einstein.
3. Many people have tried ___ smoking at some point in their lives, and these days many of us ___to stop taking___ substance which is not cigarettes
4. When I went to the doctor five years ago, he told me that sugar___ kill me one day if I didn’t avoid___ it.
5. What do you call a short film on TV advertising a product?
6. You can buy a gold ring or a bracelet at a .... .
7. The shop is definitely ...... a visit if you’re interested in designer clothes.
8. Im sure you __________ your exams successfully.
9. Jane`s friend asked her, Where does your granny live?
10. Alice said: I may invite them to dinner tomorrow!
11. I....my job well, Ive never taken a day...., but my salary is still the same as when I started
12. To settle the bet, a photographer was asked to photograph a horse galloping and the bet was settled because you could see that all the hooves were (2) __________ the ground in some of the photos.
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